Top Ten Gifts for Your Customers, Employees, and Vendors

Bloag Header Image featuring Top 10 Gifts for your customers, employees, and vendors with example t-shirts, drinkware, and hats
Holidays are coming up! And it's time for gifts! Giving away gifts to those who are instrumental to your business is the best way to show your appreciation. After all, what better way than to give someone a one-of-a-kind gift to show them that you are thinking of them. And you also get to promote your business to boot!

Holidays are coming up! And it’s time for gifts! Giving away gifts to those who are instrumental to your business is the best way to show your appreciation. After all, giving one-of-a-kind gifts truly shows customers how much you care. And, and a bonus, you get to promote your business!

We know you are a proud business owner. But running a business means… making decisions. And more decisions. And even more decisions! Don’t let the struggle to get gifts for employees, vendors, and customers become another difficult decision. Let us make it easy and present you (our gift to you) with a short list of thoughtful gift ideas. And we’ll help you make it feel more special and personal.

But before we move on to gift ideas, did you ever wonder how the tradition of gift-giving came into existence?

The tradition of gift-giving across the ages:

Early cavemen gifted teeth and stones- yep, they were pretty popular. Gifts like a tiger’s tooth carved into a pendant were definitely attractive to the ladies. It meant the man could provide food, shelter, and security. Teeth and Stones were famous as they could be carved and personalized into meaningful gifts like necklaces and bracelets and could be worn with pride.

But the custom of giving gifts as we know it today became prevalent in the 19th century. The technology and manufacturing industry grew by leaps and bounds. Once production went up, there was a sharp spike in the availability of varieties of affordable gifts. But a thoughtfully customized gift always trumps a last-minute gift. Wonder why?

Why a customized gift is a cool idea

Anybody can buy a small gift from the gas station at the last minute. But a gift with your message and brand on it will show an extra layer of thought that went into the gift. Your employees will feel pride in wearing your logo, and your customers and vendors will think of you fondly whenever they look at it. The key to it? Gift them something that they’ll use regularly. And your brand logo will be etched in their subconscious minds. That’s an ad that runs for a long time at no cost!

Research says that a rushed, generic gift means less to a receiver than a personalized one. And apparently, when you scrimp on your gifts, those low-quality gifts do more harm than good to your relationship and reputation.

Why you should give gifts to your Customers this season:

A happy customer is a walking billboard. How often have you valued a friend’s recommendation over an online review? Word-of-mouth recommendations mean a lot more than reviews from unknown online sources. 

And when your customers use your logo-printed glassware or coffee mugs while entertaining, they pique the interest of potential customers attending that party. If you are a plumber, electrician, or HVAC specialist looking to leave a branded keepsake with satisfied customers, just hand them a pen or a stack of handy sticky notes – items sporting your brilliant business logo.

So keeping a customer happy means they keep returning for more business and sending more customers your way.

Why you should give gifts to your Vendors this season:

Receiving gifts releases the happy hormone called ‘dopamine’ and the love hormone called ‘oxytocin’. Therefore, when your vendors receive your customized gifts, they will be happy and love you, too!

You can gift them with mugs, glasses, travel mugs, or water bottles which will make them think of you first thing in the morning as they get their caffeine or water for the day. You are definitely on their mind when your logo is in their line of sight every day.

Happy vendors like that will supply you first, even when they are short on resources. Also, you’ll always be at the top of their list of favorite customers. And maybe you’ll receive a discount, too!

Why you should give gifts to your employees this season:

They are your vanguard while dealing with all your stakeholders. And appreciated employees are motivated employees who become powerful contributors to your business’ growth. Naturally, appreciation is paramount in employee retention and satisfaction.

Why not gift them an office bag with your logo that they can wear to work proudly? Or a t-shirt saying ‘valued employee’ of your business?

Now without further delay, let’s get to our hand-picked list of thoughtful gifts that would be perfect for your customer, vendors, and employees.

Our Top 10 Gift Items


T-shirts being the comfort food of apparel, it’s a go-to garment that doesn’t drain your brain power when you are contemplating your outfit for the day. Assuredly, it will be worn more and seen more; hence, your brand will be recognized more in public. 

And not giving them a scratchy shirt they’ll never wear is paramount. So, gift our high-quality t-shirts with the artistically embroidered or printed (whichever you want) logo of your business. And they will soon be a fan favorite among your vendors, customers, and employees. And you will be on their mind every time the shirt comes out of their dryers.

screen printed t-shirts for Bistro on Bridge with a front print, sleeve print and back print

Printed pint glass

Is your best customer a beer-lover? How about gifting him with a reusable, printed pint glass that’ll remind him of you every time he drinks? And did you know that pint glasses help bring out the aroma and color in the beer and help that delicious, carbonated, frothy foam layer on top stay longer? 

Our printed pint glasses are less expensive than you would think and a gift anyone can use and appreciate. Create a cool, colorful design, and folks will use that glass over and over – a glass featuring your eye-pleasing, eye-popping logo. And maybe get one for yourself as well! You deserve it!

3 Pint Glasses with Libations for Learning Logo pad printed on them

Coffee Mugs

Whether your employees, vendors, and customers like coffee, tea, or cocoa, coffee mugs are always well received. Be a part of their morning routine as they grab their favorite branded coffee mug out of the cabinet to start their day. Or maybe add an inspiring message from you to boost their mood for the day.

Different angles of the Moser Roofing Solutions Coffee Mug


Embroidered hats and beanies are other fabulous gifts to give out to employees, customers, or vendors. Headwear provides your brand high visibility (they’re on top of heads, after all) while maintaining optimal head temperatures. With officially branded headwear, customers will promote your business simply by stepping outside. And when you gift our headgear, they will be comfortable and stylish and earn brownie points from all those who matter to you.

Blue and White baseball hats embroidered with the Supreme Radon logo

Giant Beer Mugs

Impress your customers with a giant one-liter beer mug featuring – that’s right – your logo. Impress them again by chugging the contents without breaking to exhale. Your brand will gain more visibility among potential customers when the branded beer mugs are used at parties entertaining a big crowd.

2022 Reading Liederkrantz Printed Beer Stein Filled with Beer

Engraved Rocks Glasses

Give out a pair of rocks glasses engraved with your unique logo. They are elegant and unique and will be loved by anyone who enjoys a cocktail (or three) every now and then.

Rocks Glass filled with whiskey featuring MEI Financial Logo engraved on the side of it with our sandblaster

Travel Mugs

Our stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum-sealed tumblers are another great option. And imagine such a perfectly functional travel mug with themed, attractive prints on them. Let them sport those mugs with flair in public transit or the gym. Or it might be something they’ll carry around at the campsite – a trendy, outdoors-themed mug to hold their favorite hot or cold beverage (or soup, or freeze-dried ice cream).

Teal Polar Camel Travel Mug with Adalyn Rose Foundation Logo Pad Printed on it


That’s right, socks! What’s more fun than giving some personalized socks? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And those socks? They’ll be slathered with your unique logo, making them the perfect apparel accents for any applicable in-office dress codes. Or maybe even slather them with the new product line you are about to release. Either way, it’ll be a fun gift to give and receive!

Pair of Socks with Giant Robo Printing design printed on them via Dye Sublimation

Bottle Openers

Your happy gift recipients will be forever empowered to open any and all bottles with these metal, printed, and full-color bottle openers. Looking for more advantages? They’re super-useful, layered with your logo, and a healthy alternative to opening bottle caps with a jagged tooth. Your customers’ happy moments with good company will be accompanied by beverages opened using your branded bottle openers. Soon, they’ll relate your brand logo to happy times. Wouldn’t that be beyond cool!

Two Metal Beer Bottle Openers Printed via Dye Sublimation for Midgard Brewing and the Angry Anvil

Tote Bags

Tote bags are never out of style and make lives easier (by making it easy to carry stuff). Tote bags, being both functional and stylish, are everywhere. Hence, whether printed or embroidered, everyone loves a good tote bag. And the printable space on both sides of any tote offers ample professional branding opportunities.

Tan tote bag with Cruz Family Little Farm Logo printed on it

Gift-giving is the secret to promoting your business successfully while making everyone involved in your business happy as well. Gift-giving is an art, and we at Giant Robo Printing are good at it. Feel free to choose one of our tastefully embroidered or printed gift choices listed above. Or call us for more ideas, and we’ll be happy to help you thoughtfully communicate feelings you can’t find the right words for.

Let us help you strengthen your professional bonds and relationships while offering your gift receivers a fantabulous feeling of reward!