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Want to raise money for your school sports team or any school-related programs or organizations? How about a fundraiser for any number of noble causes? If you’re thinking, “heck, yeah(!),” or “great idea(!),” then you’re definitely in the market for a fundraising spirit wear store.

Our school spirit wear stores and fundraiser spirit wear stores feature quality items adorned proudly with school branding, and free organizations from the hassle of order processing. You choose the items; we create a website and ship the orders; you sip a cold iced tea and collect the profits. Looking for more benefits?

The Benefits of Opening a Spirit Wear Store (With Us)

A free custom website

Built by our professional web designers (we never use boring, impersonal, or “cut and paste” templates).

We’ll integrate the website

...right into your site as a subdomain if you have one, or create a standalone website with your organization's own domain name.

Free product design services

Our graphic designers will create professional product images for each and every item you wish to sell. Speaking of items you wish to sell:

Access to a wide range of custom product

And by “wide range,” we literally mean thousands.

The timely fulfillment

...of all orders placed through your spirit wear website.

Free marketing support

...from our marketing department. (We'll create graphics to promote your store on social media, and through email.)

A monthly commission check

Paid out when your total sales hit $50 or more.

How Much Money Can You Make With a Spirit Wear Store?

With each store, we offer two types of printing: “On Demand” and “Print & Stock.”

ON DEMAND: Well, it’s pretty darn simple. An order comes through the website; we print and ship it. See? Simple.

What’s your commission through On Demand printing?

Our commission structure ranges from 10%-30%, and is based on the orders your online fundraising store receives each month.

  • 0-6 orders a month =  10% commission
  • 7-24 orders a month = 20% commission
  • 25-48 orders a month = 25% commission
  • Over 48 orders a month = 30% commission


Have a consistent seller that might benefit from larger quantities (and therefore, greater savings and increased profits)? Then it’s time to consider the Print and Stock method.

PRINT AND STOCK:  We’ll keep an eye on sales, and if we notice a consistent seller, we’ll recommend this very method. If an item sells 24 or more pieces a month, we’ll provide a quote to screen print or pad print this item. And when you place the order, we’ll store the items in our very own warehouse space (note: we ask that you pay for all Print and Stock items upon placing an order).

A screen printed/pad printed item would be purchased at our standard cost and incur an additional $1.50 warehousing and fulfillment fee. And because screen printing reduces the cost of an item (the more you print, the lower the cost), you can sell it at your standard price and receive a greater profit. Speaking of which….

What’s your commission through Print and Stock printing?

Due to reduced cost and quantities ordered, your school or organization could earn up to 50% commission on Print and Stock items.

An alternate Print and Stock option: Limited edition preorders.

In this option, we place an item on sale (a preorder) for a specific – and limited – period of time. Once that time is up (the cut-off date), we print the preordered item and ship it two weeks after the cut-off date. For this method, there’s no risk with holding unnecessary inventory – after the preorder ends, we’ll print the amount of items comparable to those sold through the preorder.

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How Does Shipping Work?

Your spirit wear store customers can either pick up the order from our location, or have it shipped directly to their address.

And we don’t hike up shipping costs to make a buck. Because we’re only looking to break even on shipping expenses – expenses that include packaging, tape, labels, and labor – we calculate EXACTLY what UPS or USPS charges to ship the order, and add $1.00 + 10% to cover those expenses. We’re in it for YOU to win it.

A Selection of Spirit Wear Store Products for Fundraising

What fundraising products do we produce to help you raise necessary funds? We offer t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, coasters, glasses, travel mugs, mugs, sweatpants, track jackets, shorts, hats, beanies, tote bags, and oooooh, so much more. Check out a selection of fundraising products we can adorn with YOUR school or organization:


Mockup of Embroidered Janus School Jacket
Mockup of a Daniel Boone Marching Band Jacket
Mockup of Exeter Township Police Officers Association Embroidered 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt
Black t-shirt on man with image of a red dragon printed on it
Exeter Township Police Officers Association Camo Baseball Hat
Daniel Boone Music Boosters Embroidered Shorts
Oakbrook Brewing Printed Pint Glass
Dye Sublimated Coaster with image of Red Dragon design printed on it

Some Examples of Our Spirit Wear and Fundraising Websites

We continue to help schools and organizations fund necessary programs through our custom and branded spirit wear store websites. From the Daniel Boone School District to the Immaculate Conception Academy, we do our part so they can do theirs.

(Beyond the above-mentioned schools, we’ve partnered with Oakbrook Brewing, and the Exeter Police Officers Association.)

How Does Your School, Business, or Organization Qualify for a Spirit Wear Store?

In order for a spirit wear store to succeed, it’s dependent on your organization’s ability to promote it (through online promotions, word-of-mouth, etc.). And because our fundraising services are offered nearly at cost, it makes sense for us to partner with an organization that will make an effort to – or have the capacity to – attract a consistent number of online purchasers. 

Want to make sure our fundraising services are a good fit for your organization? Simply answer all the questions on our sign-up form below.

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