Spirit Wear Stores

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Want to raise funds for your school, organization, ambulance association, or gardening club with awesome printed products? Want a simple online store to sell your awesome swag? If you’re answering “yes,” that tells me you’re ready for… your very own spirit wear store!

A custom spirit wear store is super-awesome for the following reasons:

  • You can host a fundraiser. Want to raise money for schools, charities, and other beneficial programs? Sell your mascot-slathered swag and receive a percentage from each sale.
  • You can use it as a branded extension of your website to sell products all year, every year. Or, as a more simple, singular, and separate site to do said selling.

How does a custom spirit wear store work?

  • You’ll start with a free one-to-two-page website (tier one*). Just give us your logo (or various branding elements), and we’ll do the rest.


  • We mock-up and post products featuring your unique branding (and yep, we’ll give you a list of a few starter items to choose from, like shirts, glasses, mugs, etc.).


  • You tell your friends, group, organization, or school district about your awesome online store.


  • They buy stuff. And hopefully, more stuff.


  • We print and ship the orders. So, you don’t ever have to worry about fulfillment.


  • You choose how much to charge over your base rate.
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What items can you sell?

We’ll start with 5-10 items, which includes apparel and drinkware options. As you progress through the tiers (more on that below), your product options increase.

What brands do we use?

When it comes to apparel, we only utilize dependable, nationally renowned blanks. So, you can rest easy – every item will be printed on a high-quality garment that makes your colors pop.

And when it comes to drinkware or any hardgoods and accessories, we use carefully selected sources and materials to make sure the design is expressed perfectly and consistently.

Logos of apparel companies we work with: Adidas, Bella+Canvas, C2 Sport, Champion, Columbia, Comfort Colors, Dickies, Dyenomite, Flexfit, Gildan, New Era, Next Level

What Tiers are available for your online store?

We'll Start you at Tier One:

With 5-10 products, this is a one-to-two-page site that we design and host (for free). Don’t have a logo? We’ll design one at our regular design rate ($75 per hour).

Once sales reach $5k per month, you'll Advance to Tier Two:

This increases the page count to a three-to-six-page site, granting more product pages with 10-20 products and an “About” page. You’ll also benefit from a greater discount on products, more web design time, and the application of Google Analytics to track the behavior of website visitors. Oh, and we’ll add up to five more product options.

Once sales reach $10k per month, you’ll move into the highly coveted Tier Three position:

Increasing your site to an astounding eight pages and 20-30 products, this is essentially a mini website with more content and product pages. You’ll receive an even higher discount on products, and even more design time. Oh, and we’ll add up to ten more product options.

Do we have any examples of spirit wear stores?

Of course! We’re kind of the experts, so we certainly have a few under our belts:

Graphic of Reading Leiderkranz Spirit Wear Store Example

You've heard of the Reading Liederkranz, right?

Graphic of Midgard Brewing Spirit Wear Store Example

Familiar with Midgard Brewing?

Graphic of Bruclear Spirit Wear Store Example

Check out the Bruclear Homebrew Club!

Can we really print all these things?

Oh, yes – we absolutely can. We invested in – and mastered – more equipment than the average print shop. This means we can create all sorts of custom, high-quality items to support your cause.

Have a question? Have a series of questions? Want to bypass any questions and start selling items for your fundraiser immediately after reading this?

Just give us a call, or fill out our contact form.

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