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Giant Robo Printing offers a wide variety of custom printed signs and banners across a wide variety of materials.  In most cases, we can have a sign printed and delivered to you in just a few days once the art proof is approved and payment is received.  Our design experts can help you design and layout a sign or banner that will communicate exactly what you want in a clear and professional manner.

Printed and Laser Engraved Sign at The Center at Keystone
Eric Schultz Remodeling Bench Sign
MEI Financing Backlit Sign
Rigid Coroplast Sign featuring Class of 2022 Graduating Senior

Wide Variety of Signage and Banner Options

We can print on a wide variety of items with our digital sign printers. Whatever you need to convey the message you are trying to send, Giant Robo Printing is up to the task.  Here is a list of most of the things our sign shop can do and below that we go into a bit more detail on the most popular signs and banners that businesses tend to order.


Rigid Signs

Adhesive Signs

Other Options


When it comes to signs, the sky’s the limit in terms of customization. Whether you are looking to have a sign made for in front of your house or for in front of your business, we can make it happen. There are several types of signs that we offer, each catering to a specific need. Some of the types of signs we offer include rigid signs (such as yard signs), metal signs, and large format signs. Aside from various types of signs to choose from, we also offer various materials for your sign to be made out of, such as pvc, polystyrene, and coroplast. This is just a sampling of the materials we can use to construct your custom sign.

Sign Sizes

When it comes to the size of your sign, there’s virtually no limitation. If you aren’t sure what size you want to go with, we have standard dimensions you can choose from. For instance, a standard yard sign measures out to be 18×24 inches. As discussed earlier, the size you choose will ultimately come down to where you plan to showcase it. For a more in depth look at some of our standard sign sizing, refer to the reference photo below.

A diagram comparing common sign sizes

Our Most Popular Types Of Signs

Coroplast Yard Signs

Coroplast signs are one of the most popular sign types that you will see. It’s a plastic material with a honeycomb center. It’s very light and easy to print on and it comes in a wide variety of sizes. The most common size for political yard signs is 12″ x 18″ but again, we can print on a wide variety of sizes to produce a sign that fits your needs.

Esquivel's Landscaping Yard Signs

PVC Signs

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic is one of the most popular materials to have a sign made of. Common applications for PVC signs include tradeshow displays, realtor signs, and product displays. These signs are as rigid as coroplast, yet flatter, as they do not have a hollow “honeycomb” center. PVC Signs can be printed on either one side or both if preferred. Smooth to the touch, lightweight and durable, PVC signs are a great display option. Just like coroplast signs, we can print your design in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Large Exterior Outdoor PVC Sign printed for Alan Ross Company, PC


Looking to gain company exposure on a grander scale? Banners are great for presenting your custom designs in a large size format. Custom banners are great for catching someone’s eye at an outdoor event, a trade show, or even a storefront. Some of the material we make custom banners out of include vinyl, polyethylene, mesh and canvas.

Banner Sizes

Banners, similar to signs, are not tied down to only specific dimensions. Banners can be displayed either horizontally or via landscape format. A standard banner size is usually 2×4 feet. Although this is the standard size, there are other sizes that are also commonly used. For a comprehensive summary of our most frequently used banner sizes, refer to the graphic below.

A diagram comparing various sizing for banners

Our Most Popular Type Of Banner

Vinyl Banners

Our most popular type of banner ordered is vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are one of the most used items for promoting brands and events because they are multi-faceted. Aside from offering great visibility for indoor environments, this type of banner is great for outdoor conditions as well, as they are fade and weather-resistant.

Golden Rule Vinyl Banner

Banners and Signs FAQs

Yes, our banners are capable of being equipped with grommets so it is ready to be put up the second you pick it up from us.

There are several ways to hang a banner equipped with grommets. Some options that are good for larger or more permanent banners include hanging clips, suction cups and hooks, or zip tie cords. Despite these being solid options, one of the most cost efficient ways to hang a banner is to use zip ties. Simply push one end of a zip tie through a grommet, wrap that end around an anchor point (such as a fence), and then connect that end of the zip tie to the other one for a snug connection to the anchor point.

Aside from banners equipped with grommets, we also offer banner stands for those looking for a sturdy, self-contained way for your banner to be propped up.

Yes! Every sign comes with a stake so that you can securely place your sign.

Certain Homeowner’s Associations and municipalities have rules on where you can place yard signs, regardless of the intent of the sign. Placing the sign in public parks or along city streets may get you in trouble unless you get in touch with your local municipalities. In general, if the sign is on your lawn or personal property, it is perfectly acceptable to place it there.

When not being used, signs and banners should be put in a dry, secure place. Although signs and banners made for outdoor use are made out of weatherproof material, extreme weather conditions may damage them. Overall, outdoor promotional items are always at risk of being vandalized, so you should put away signs and banners when not in use if possible.

How To Order Custom Signs or Banners From Us

Need a custom banner or sign with personalized graphics? Giant Robo Printing can help. We ask you to please fill out our quote request form, where you can let us know exactly what you want and we can put together a proposal with a quote and mock-up. This will save you time and headaches in the long run, as we can streamline the design and set up process.

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