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Screen Printing has been the gold standard method of printing for centuries. It was believed to have been developed in Asia as far back as 500 AD and became a highly developed process by the 1600’s in China and Japan. Screen Printing is also well known as silk screen printing but the industry hasn’t actually used silk screens in a long time.

Modern day screens used for printing are mostly made from polyester now. Despite major advancements in printing technology over the years, screen printing remains the most efficient way to print high quality prints on t-shirts when you need more than a few dozen of the same design printed.

We have an experienced screen printer that knows the ins and outs of this business. We take every job very seriously and hope you will let us quote you on your current or future projects.

Our Commitment to Quality

We decided long ago that when we opened up our print shop, our focus would be on exceptional print quality and outstanding customer service. Giant Robo Printing does not take shortcuts nor do we use cheap materials. Screen printing is one of those businesses where shops tend to come and go. Companies discount their service and take shortcuts just to get the job but the quality isn’t there and the pricing is not sustainable so they don’t last (oftentimes leaving their customers hanging).

Giant Robo Printing focuses on quality and produces a great product at a reasonable price. We believe that for any screen print shop to survive, they have to focus on delivering a quality product in a timely manner.  That’s our commitment to you. If you come to Giant Robo Printing and entrust us with your print job, we will focus on the details and do the job right. We will help you through the process of getting the art ready and the project approved. We don’t want you to feel like you are working with a shop just looking to make a quick buck. At Giant Robo Printing, we strive to be your reliable “one stop shop” with a commitment to quality service.

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Screen Printing Pricing

When we price out a screen printing job, there are a lot of factors to consider. The main ones are the type of garment we are printing on, the number of shirts we are printing, the number of locations per shirt and the number of colors per shirt. We find it easier to quote out screen printing projects for our customers rather than attempt to post pricing that may not be exactly what you need. We know it’s an extra step in the process but our promise to you is to respond to quote requests quickly so that you can make a decision. We want to win your business and will do our best to be completely transparent in our pricing. Giant Robo Printing  focuses on delivering a quality product with customer service as the #1 priority in our process.

Our pricing is all-inclusive. Many companies will give you a per shirt price but it won’t include all the little extras like screen fees and delivery.  Our quotes are all-inclusive meaning we take all of that into consideration so the price you get from us is the bottom line price that you will pay. (Read more on our Screen Printing Pricing Explained article)

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Screen Printing Requirements


As mentioned above, screen printing is still the ideal solution to printing most apparel items whenever you want to do at least a few dozen of the same design.  Our minimum for screen printing is 24 items and there really is no maximum. We have access to both manual and auto presses so the only restriction is our minimum.

Art Files

The higher quality your art, the cheaper and better your print will look. Ideally you will be able to supply us with vector art work files that we can use to create the screens. Not sure what that is? No worries, send us what you have and we can let you know if it will work or not. If you don’t have the right type of file, our Photoshop wizards can usually take care of it but it may cost a small fee.

Turnaround Time

Plan ahead. With screen print jobs we need time to order the blanks, edit the art work, create the screens and do the printing so our standard turnaround time for screen printing is 10 business days. We can do it quicker than that but there is a fee for all rush jobs.

Hey, wait, I thought you said you didn’t have any minimums!?

Yes, It is true that we do advertise ourselves as having no minimums for orders and it is accurate. If you want just a few of something printed, we can do that for you, we just won’t use one of our screen printing presses for it. For that print job, we will use Direct To Garment Printing.

There is quite a bit of work to set up a screen print job which is what makes it impractical for small runs. Our goal was to create a print shop that could cater to the widest variety of needs and as such, we have invested in equipment that will allow us to meet the needs of the broadest range of customers. If you are looking to print less than 24 of something then we would guide you towards our DTG or Dye Sublimation printing processes.

Screen Printing Services FAQ

To ensure your items are of the highest quality and the process is done correctly, we take our time with your order while also taking your time and deadline into account. The standard turnaround time for screen printing is 10 business days. With screen print jobs, we need time to order the blanks, edit the art work, create the screens and do the printing.

Garments are a main focus of screen print jobs (t-shirts, v necks, hoodies, etc) and can be made of cotton or a blend of fabrics (such as cotton/polyester). When it comes to shirts specifically, the material used is primarily pre-shrunk cotton or 100% ring spun cotton, while some products/specific design colors are cotton/polyester blend.

It is preferred that you submit your image as a vector file as then it will be the highest-quality and lowest-cost design possible . If you are not sure what type of file your artwork is, we can always edit the submission for a small fee. It is important to note that the quality of the graphic has a direct correlation to the quality of the finished item. 


Vector File types for Screen Printing

Due to the multiple steps necessary for setting up a screen print job, it is preferred that the base order size is 24 items. For smaller order sizes using the Direct To Garment method is recommended.

If your order requires a number of items greater than 24, or your order deals with simple designs with few colors, then screen printing is the best option. When it comes to colors, screen printing produces a vibrant splash of ink, compared to other methods such as direct to garment.

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