Pad Printing Services

What is pad printing? Pad printing is a printing process that allows you us to print designs on a wide variety of objects. It works by transferring a design onto a flexible silicone pad and then pressing that pad against the object you are trying to print on.  The design is transferred to the object and the ink is allowed to cure. Pad printing works because the pad is able to wrap itself around whatever object you are trying to print on without distorting the image.

With Pad printing, we can print on small and medium sized items.  We can print on items that are flat, round, oval or irregular shaped. Pad printing is often used to print on promotional items, glassware, machine parts, cosmetics, golf balls and more.  Additionally, pad printing is effective on plastics, glass, metal and wood.

We are able to do both single color and 2 color prints with our pad printing setup.

Ordering Pad Printing Services

Because pad printing is so flexible and can be used to print on such a wide variety of items and substrates, it’s tough to publish standard rates. The cost is going to depend on the item we are printing on and what image you want printed. We love to use our pad printer, and more importantly, we love to keep our employees busy. Please take a moment to fill out our quote request form and include as much info as you can. Please include a copy of the image you want printed and what you want us to print it on.

With your initial contact, it’s okay to send us a low resolution version of the image to get  quote but before we can actually print, we will need a high resolution vector image to make the plate.  If you don’t have one, our art department can most likely take whatever image you have and recreate it into an acceptable file.

Printa Pad Printer in Action

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