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We are a full service print shop!

Our goal is to offer the widest range of services and deliver the most flexible pricing that we can so that customers have a one stop shop they can come to for all their printing needs. Big or small, we do it all while putting the customer first. Our goal is to give you and your business a reason to never have to look for another print shop again.

Below, you will see a large list of services that we have to offer. It is not all encompassing, so if you don’t see something on this list that you need done, contact us and we can let you know if we have the right skills and equipment to take care of it.

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing has been around for far longer than most people realize. It was believed to have been developed in Asia as far back as 500 AD and became a highly developed process by the 1600’s in China and Japan.  Despite huge gains in printing technology over the years, Screen Printing remains the most efficient way to print high quality prints on t-shirts when you need more than a few dozen of the same design printed.

Screen Printing is also well known as Silk Screen Printing but the industry hasn’t actually used silk screens in a long time.  Silk was used for a long time but modern day screen printing screens are mostly made from polyester now.

We have an experienced screen printer that knows the ins and outs of this business. We take every job we get very seriously and hope you will let us quote you on your current or future projects.

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DTG Printing

We call ourselves a full service shop and DTG is one of the reasons for that.  DTG is an acronym that stands for Direct to Garment Printing. It’s a digital process that allows us to digitally print directly onto a t-shirt. As far as we know, we are the only DTG Printer in Berks County and it is one of the ways we are able to print low (or no) minimum orders.

Screen printing is a fantastic print method but there is a lot of setup that goes along with a screen print job which is why screen printing always has a minimum.  With Direct to Garment Printing, all you need is a printer and a higher resolution file and you can print 1 shirt just as easily as 50 t-shirts. These printers are very expensive and equally impressive.  They are essentially large ink jet printers with very large print heads. A shirt gets loaded onto the printer, a design file gets sent to the printer, the printer feeds the t-shirt in and the printer prints directly onto the shirt. After the shirt is printed, the shirt needs to be cured to evaporate the water and dry the ink.

With DTG printing, there is no limit to the number of colors you can print and the quality is almost as good as screen printing.

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Pad Printing

Print up to 4 color custom designs on a wide variety of objects! Pad printing is effective on plastics, glass, metal and wood, and can be applied to flat, round, oval or irregular shaped items.

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Giant Robo Printing offers a full range of embroidery services. We work with businesses both big and small, local teams, organizations and anyone else that needs our services. We have low minimums but high expectations when it comes to the quality we deliver.

We are a local company based in Douglassville, PA and while we love to serve Berks County and our surrounding neighbors, our customer base goes well beyond that. We serve customers all over the Country and try to make that process as easy and friction-less as possible by offering free shipping on most orders.

Don’t have the proper files to get your image embroidered properly? That’s okay, our expert graphic designers and digitizers can take just about any image you have and recreate it in the most optimal format for your application. With over 20 years of experience behind us, you can trust us with your brand and your image.

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Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is another digital printing process that allows us to decorate a wide variety of items. We use this technology to print designs on apparel, but more often than not, we use it to print on hard goods like coffee mugs, metal signs, full-color photo boards, coasters, and more. The list of things we can dye sublimate is quite extensive and always growing, so if you’re looking for a colorful, long-lasting design, dye sublimation is an outstanding option.

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Looking for something fun and unique? Custom glass etching makes a great personalized gift and a very unique promotional item.  In addition to printing on apparel and hard goods, we can also decorate glassware, crystal, stone, and more with our Ikonics Elite Professional sandblasting cabinet.

The process starts with the art. Much like our other methods of decoration, a good vector art file is important. We use that art to create a film or stencil that goes over the object we are sandblasting.  The designs can vary quite a bit, there is far more flexibility in this method of decoration than most people might realize.

One of the many advantages of sandblasting glass is that it is permanent. If you are decorating glassware with a sandblaster, the design is will be made to last. It can’t get ruined or washed away no matter how many times it is run through a dishwasher. It makes it a perfect choice for barware or everyday glassware that you are going to use often.

If you are interested in having your design etched into glass, stone or wood, please contact us for a quote. Provide as much detail as you can with your request and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with a quote that is accurate and reasonable.

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Laser Engraving

After repurposing several Death Rays purchased from recently retired super-villains, we now utilize the power of lasers to engrave images (and logos) on a variety of products, including tumblers, awards, knives, and various implements of global domination and other usable, displayable items.
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Printed & Cut Vinyl

We offer a variety of custom vinyl services, from car decals to yard signs. When it comes to decals specifically, we are able to produce these products using two types of vinyl application methods; printed and cut vinyl. We apply carefully cut vinyl to apparel, signs, and various vehicles. But printed vinyl is a great way to produce high quality stickers and decals. Vinyl is a popular application due to its durability and the broad range of substrates it can be applied to. Want to add dimension to your design? Want to make your apparel pop? Want awesome stickers or decals? We use vinyl to create beautiful, eye-catching branding.

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Custom Vinyl Stickers, Patches, and Buttons

When looking for promotional items that bring forth a sense of flash, look no further than stickers, patches and buttons. From clothes to cars, this segment of services is perfect for those looking for promotional items that are incredibly easy to apply and replace. These items are durable and made to last, so you don’t need to worry about whether your design will stand the test of time. When it comes to customization, the sky is the limit. Not sure what you want your logo or design to look like? Our design experts will work with you to make your dream a reality.  If you are interested in having your design crafted into a custom vinyl sticker, a patch, or a button, please contact us for a quote. Provide as much detail as you can with your request and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with a quote that is accurate and reasonable.

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Signs & Banners

Giant Robo Printing offers a wide variety of custom printed signs and banners across a wide variety of materials.  In most cases, we can have a sign printed and delivered to you in just a few days once the art proof is approved and payment is received.  Our design experts can help you design and layout a sign or banner that will communicate exactly what you want in a clear and professional manner.

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