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What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a process that incorporates a computer controlled laser beam that imprints on a variety of materials. Due to being machine operated, the laser delivers an extremely high quality product in lightning fast time. At Giant Robo Printing we strive to provide you with the best possible service while keeping your time and budget into account. We can engrave precise designs directly onto a wide variety of items with one of our well-versed laser engravers.

The Laser Engraving Process

The process to engrave a high quality product is one that is handled primarily by a machine, so peak efficiency and quality is always reached. The process of laser engraving can be summarized simply as a digital image programmed to be engraved by a laser beam. This laser beam creates heat of a high enough temperature to cause the material to vaporize and the design to take shape. It’s a quick process, as material is burned away with each pulse of the laser. This creates a cavity in the surface that is easily perceivable to the human eye and touch. Depending on what the order calls for, the cavity can either be thinner and subdued or deep and distinguishable . The final step is up to the engraver and whether or not they want to make the cavity deeper. To increase depth and clarity of the design, additional passes of the engraving are done.

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A laser engraved Kraft Code Services wine tumbler
A tumbler with the Punisher's logo on it
A Yeti cooler with Prudential Pest Solution's logo on it
Laser Engraved Drink Shaker with Shot Measurements

Laser Engraving Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike an ink printed design, a laser engraved design is virtually impossible to remove as it is made by engraving away material. Laser engraving is also a very versatile method as it allows us to etch any design or image onto a wide variety of materials. Laser engraving’s quality is second to none, as it allows us to produce crisp permanent designs.

Vector graphics are preferred, but at Giant Robo Printing, we can work around the quality of your design and alter it to fit the order. Common file types for vector graphics include .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .svg (scalable vector graphics) and .bmp (bitmap image file).

File types for laser engraving

Regardless of service, we use the most current, state of the art equipment at Giant Robo Printing. For laser engraving specifically, we use the Tykma Minilase Fiber Laser Marking System. This device is a pivotal piece of technology for several reasons. First, this engraving machine has a maximum engraving depth of 0.020 inch in metals but can go as deep as 0.125 inch in materials such as graphite. Also of note is the depth that this machine can engrave to is much deeper than laser etching can, making the print more noticeable. It is also great for parts expected to experience wear and tear. The final reason it is a superior service is because this type of machine is the fastest way to mark with a laser.

Laser engraving has virtually limitless possibilities as to what it can be used for. Just like glass etching and dye sublimation printing, laser engraving can be used in a variety of ways to modify hard goods. To give you a ballpark idea of some of Giant Robo Printing’s offerings, we can engrave on a variety of products from water bottles to Buck Knives (it is also of note that we are a licensed dealer of Buck Knives). In terms of materials we can print on, common substrates include but are not limited to wood, glass, cork and plastic.

How to order custom laser engraving from us

Does laser engraving fit your project description? If so, we ask you to please fill out our quote request form, where you can let us know exactly what you want and we can put together a proposal with a quote and mock-up. This will save you time and headaches in the long run, as we can streamline the design and set up process.

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