Studies Show Holiday Gifting Impacts Employee Retention

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Are you considering purchasing a holiday gift for your employees this year? Studies show this can help your team feel motivated, appreciated, and more loyal to the company. We can help you create the gift your employees deserve!

Have you considered purchasing a holiday gift for your employees this year? Yes, we just entered fall, but it’s the perfect time to begin planning your end of year gifts. A recent study performed by Snappy, a well-known gifting platform, showed that 59% of employees that receive a meaningful holiday gift, are more likely to stay at their job. 

Millions of Americans voluntarily left their jobs the last two years, starting “The Great Resignation.” Now there is an increased popularity in the idea of “quiet quitting.” These are two prime examples of how your employees will leave their jobs if they feel undervalued and unappreciated. 

Of the 1,000 employees surveyed by Snappy, 72% said they have never received a holiday gift from their employer. If every 3 out of your 4 employees have never received a gift, seize this opportunity to make them feel valued! Gifting your team improves their morale and loyalty, makes them feel valued, and increases their motivation. With turnover rates increasing in recent years, any opportunity to recognize your team should be taken! 

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Is Gift Giving Important to Your Employees?

As a business owner or leader, your most valuable asset is your employees. Blackhawk senior director, Maria Hodges, stated that during their job satisfaction research study, they discovered 57% of the respondents want to receive some type of reward at the end of the year. Blackhawk Network provides gift cards, prepaid incentive cards and more for employers and merchants, so they’re very aware of employee gifting opportunities. 

During Blackhawk’s research, they also discovered that receiving a reward or recognition increased 83% of respondents’ productivity and loyalty to the company. We are aware that depending on your business size, budgets are tight, but rewards and recognition will pay off in the long-run. What’s more expensive, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees? Or handing out a meaningful gift at the end of the year? The answer should be clear! 

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How Does Gift Giving Make Your Employees Feel?

So how does gifting make your employees feel? 

  • Motivated
    • By showing your team or employees that you value them, it increases their motivation. Think about it. When you’re praised for good work whether it is at work, sports practice, etc., it feels good! Most times it pushes the individual to work harder and excel further. The same can be said for your employees!
  • Appreciated 
    • Putting thought behind a gift for your employees is what will make it stand out. This is an additional way for you to be able to show your gratitude for them, and in return it will make them feel appreciated. 
  • Loyal
    • By giving your employees a gift, you make them feel appreciated and valued, but you increase their likelihood of staying with your company longer. 


The overarching point of these feelings is that your employees should feel valued and appreciated. Doesn’t it feel nice to be recognized for your accomplishments? 


Now that you understand why employee gifts are so important, contact Giant Robo Printing to help you create the perfect employee appreciation gift. Recognizing your team is important, but how you recognize them is equally important. Explore the various print shop services we offer to find the right fit for your team! We can help you come up with ideas, slogans, graphics, and more. Your team will feel appreciated and motivated once they receive their custom items! 

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