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Embroider Your Design on Hats, Polo’s, T-Shirts, Jackets and more!

Giant Robo Printing offers a range of embroidery services. We work with businesses both big and small, helping local teams, organizations and anyone else that needs our services. Our minimums are low and we have high expectations when it comes to the quality we deliver.

We are a local company based in Douglassville, PA and while we love to serve Berks County and our surrounding neighbors, our customer base goes well beyond that. We serve customers all over the country and try to make that process as easy and friction-less as possible by offering free shipping on most orders.

Don’t have the proper files to get your image embroidered properly? That’s okay, our expert graphic designers and digitizers can take just about any image you have and recreate it in the most optimal format for your application. With over 20 years of experience behind us, you can trust us with your brand and your image.

What is Embroidery?

When people think of embroidery, they normally associate it with someone with a needle threading a design by hand. While there is a charm to this, embroidery done by hand is not as intricate or time effective as an embroidery machine. An embroidery machine is a reliable and articulate device that can provide precise stitching for designs on various articles of apparel.The process for using an embroidery machine starts by selecting or receiving a design from a customer. Next, the design file is sent to the machine, and from there your piece of clothing is set up on a hoop. The hoop keeps the item tight and secure for the next step: tracing! Tracing an item is important for ensuring that the stitching will be executed perfectly. Tracing is done entirely using the embroidery machine. After tracing is complete, the machine starts stitching. Once stitching is complete, extra backing and threads are removed to get ready for delivery to the customer! Before the embroidery process can start however, you need to select your piece of apparel you wish to have stitched!

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Smokin Aces Embroidered Hoodie
A Werley Energy Embroidered Hat
An Oakbrook Brewing Embroidered Beanie
Werley Energy Embroidered Polo Shirt

Custom Embroidery Frequently Asked Questions

Giant Robo Printing has vast experience pertaining to stitching logos on apparel for clients. Aside from stitching logos, we also do patches as well. If you need something embroidered, we are the best people for the job. Our team of artists and designers are more than happy to work with you to make your design possible.

The design size depends entirely on the apparel selected and where the design will be placed. The average size of a standard chest print is 4 inches by 4 inches wide and a hat design is usually an inch or two smaller than that. Although these are the standard sizes, we are open to custom design dimensions (we have a 16 inch by 15 inch hoop) If we can accommodate your request (and we usually can), we’re more than happy to do so.

While there are a few different types of threads that can be used in the process, one type stands out the most in commercial embroidery – polyester. Polyester is a resilient and vibrant thread, while something like rayon provides a natural shine but lacks the structural integrity of polyester. Regardless of your preference, we aim to provide our customers with a meticulously crafted print and excellent service.

Giant Robo Printing uses only the finest professional equipment for our custom embroidery services. The Melco EMT16 Plus is unrivaled in commercial embroidery machines and represents the most up-to-date in embroidery technology. It is an unrivaled single-head, 16 needle, 1500 spm max sewing speed machine. It delivers high quality stitching, a user friendly interface, and the ability to stitch on the widest variety of products from the industry. With the Melco EMT16 Plus at our disposal, Giant Robo Printing can take on any one of your custom embroidery needs.

While other companies focus on the quickest turnaround time possible, Giant Robo Printing focuses on a “quality first” approach. We guarantee our customers a quality design that is also completed with your time in mind. Giant Robo Printing delivers orders 7 to 10 business days after they’re received. However, if you need your products sooner than that, we can accommodate even the strictest of deadlines.

Giant Robo Printing provides quality and durable custom embroidery services. Like all of the products and services we offer, we adhere to the most stringent of quality standards. Giant Robo Printing products are meant to stand the test of time, so we make sure that our quality control is impeccable before it is delivered to the customer. We guarantee the quality of our embroidery services because our products are manufactured using the best equipment in the industry and the best quality materials.

How to order embroidery from us

Does embroidery fit your project description? If so, we ask you to please fill out our quote request form, where you can let us know exactly what you want and we can put together a proposal with a quote and mock-up. This will save you time and headaches in the long run, as we can streamline the design and set up process. Have a project but not sure if embroidery will work for it? The answer is it probably will! Embroidery machines have been around for a long time and have come a long way. Their capabilities have increased as the technology that powers them has evolved. The most common things we embroider are t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and hats but the options don’t end there. If you have something you want us to embroider but aren’t sure how that would work, let us know. Contact the embroidery experts at Giant Robo Printing for a free estimate.

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