DTG Printing

We call ourselves a full service shop and DTG is one of the reasons for that.  DTG is an acronym that stands for Direct to Garment Printing. It’s a digital process that allows us to digitally print directly onto a t-shirt. As far as we know, we are the only DTG Printer in Berks County and it is one of the ways we are able to print low (or no) minimum orders.

Screen printing is a fantastic print method but there is a lot of setup that goes along with a screen print job which is why screen printing always has a minimum.  With Direct to Garment Printing, all you need is a printer and a higher resolution file and you can print 1 shirt just as easily as 50 t-shirts. These printers are very expensive and equally impressive.  They are essentially large ink jet printers with very large print heads. A shirt gets loaded onto the printer, a design file gets sent to the printer, the printer feeds the t-shirt in and the printer prints directly onto the shirt. After the shirt is printed, the shirt needs to be cured to evaporate the water and dry the ink.

With DTG printing, there is no limit to the number of colors you can print and the quality is almost as good as screen printing.

Are There Really No Minimums?

Yes, when it comes to DTG, there are no minimums with Giant Robo Printing. It’s a digital process so all we need is a good high resolution art file that we can send to the printer and boom, we can print the shirt.  The reason why screen printers always require a minimum is there is actually quite a bit of setup that goes into setting up a screen print job. With DTG, the big advantage is there is very little setup that needs to be done which is why we don’t need to require a minimum.  Have just 1 or 2 shirts you want printed for a special occasion? No problem, we can do that for you. You can either design it yourself using our web based designer or you can contact us directly and we can help you mock it up.

How to Order DTG Printing From Us

DTG is state of the art and produces amazing prints. It’s not a replacement for screen printing, but rather an apparel printing method that fits specific needs. It’s ideal for orders that only require a few prints.  With screen printing, it’s unreasonable to spend the time it takes to setup the screens and the press to print just a few shirts.  That is one example of where a DTG machine really shines.

Another area where it fills a need is when it’s a complicated print with a lot of colors. There are ways to do that with screen printing but it’s not as easy.  With DTG, there are no color restrictions. It’s just as easy to do a one color print as it is to print 50 colors on a shirt so we will often choose this method with orders that are complicated. DTG can even print photos directly onto a shirt with little problem.

Those are two of the primary situations where we choose DTG over screen printing.  There are also two ways to order DTG printing services.  The first and possibly the easiest is to use our Online Designer to create your design and pay for your order.  The second, is the more traditional route, it’s to fill out our quote request form, let us know what you want and we can put together a proposal with a quote and mock-up. Either option is fine and the cost will be the same.

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