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We are a Full-service Print Shop!

Giant Robo Printing offers the widest range of services and deliver the most flexible pricing so customers have a one-stop shop for all their printing needs. Big or small, we do it all while putting the customer first. Our goal is to give you and your business a reason to never have to look for another print shop again.

Spools of colorful embroidery thread

The Crew

Below, you’ll find the awesome members of our Giant Robo Team.

Brian Illustrated as Animated Character

Brian Welch

Supreme overlord & owner

Brian started Giant Robo Printing out of a love for printing and all its glorious, challenging aspects. With only one semi-functional robot toiling in his basement, Brian was able to build and expand his customer base, moving to a larger space with more productive robots and a few human handlers (who, unfortunately, continually demand sleep, water, and room temperature soup).

Tiras Illustrated as Animated Character

Tiras Buck

Junior overlord & co-owner

Tiras is a point of human contact. As soon as he has your request, or passes your request to the appropriate human, he makes sure your project is handled perfectly from start to finish. On occasion, you’ll find him playing ping pong with a pad printer resembling Johnny 5.

The thumbs-up. 👍

Neither! They stain your teeth!

My favorite ME quote is, “Hello!”

Zach Illustrated as Animated Character

Zach Donley

Weapon x & Print shop manager

Zach, also a verified human, is our printshop wizard (so, yes — our printshop benefits from technology AND magic). Whether your project involves apparel, embroidery, DTG, or sublimation printing, he’ll know exactly what to do, and if necessary, assign it to the correct – or least flammable – printing robot.

Tea is the drink of ninjas and Monkey Kings.

The Terminator/RoboCop

“Never!” “Shut Up!” “Andy?!?”

Scott Illustrated as Animated Character

Scott Powers

Designer & Master Illustrator

Scott assists with printing, but his primary function is graphic design – and a great deal is original work for businesses and brands. Need an awesome logo? How about a great original character to represent your brand? How about a better version of an original character to represent you brand (because you’ve been struggling for six weeks and can barely sketch a square)? Scott can fix what’s frustrating, and create what you’re imagining.

🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

Bender Bending Rodriguez

D-list Supervilliain: Paste Pot Pete

Katherine Illustrated as Animated Character

Katherine Rowe

awesome office admin

Have questions about our services? Want to — **gasp**– utilize our services? Katherine will either get your questions answered, or assign them to the appropriate human. Our guarantee? You will NEVER deal with a robot, either by phone or email. Unless, of course, you really want to. They’re not great conversationalists, but you’ll receive a friendly air quality update every ten minutes.

Harry Illustrated as Animated Character

Harry Welch

sand blasting expert

Harry, or “Son of Brian Mark I,” is our dedicated sandblaster. If you’re looking at one of our hand-etched glasses and thinking, “Good grief, that’s gorgeous,” you’re looking at Harry’s very precise handiwork.  It takes a lot of skill and tolerance, and Harry has both in spades.

Kaity Illustrated as Animated Character

Kaity Cochran

Design die hard & doer of things

Another incredibly skilled graphic designer with a growing acumen in web design, Kaity will also accurately translate the unfinished branding swimming in your brain pan. If you need something fixed, upgraded, or sketched from scratch, Kaity will create your dreamed-up design.

💜 🤷🏻‍♀️

Cyborg from Teen Titans

“Much like my 20’s, looks like I’ll be doing this one solo.” – Cocktail Hour, Hanky Panky Episode

Profile pic of Brianna Bowman who is an employee of Giant Robo Printing

Brianna Bowman

social media & data wrangler

Who posts all those carefully crafted items and off-color, inside jokes to our consistently updated social media channels? That’s right – Brianna. And when she’s not sharing awesome content related to our creations, she’s monitoring your responses, answering your questions, and strongly considering an ASMR video for TikTok.

🤠 🥺 💘 🐥

“Thank you for inviting me to my own meeting, Brianna”

Profile Image of Bob Focht who is an employee of Giant Robo Printing

Bob Focht

Sales Maniac

Entering sales right out of college, Bob started selling food to restaurants and mass feeders (which is where he learned the business and most of his selling skills). 

Bob really enjoys spending time with his seven Grandchildren, and loves all kinds of sports. He also has a love music, cooking, and of course, eating.